Did You Know? Vitamins Can Get You Beach Body Ready.

June 30, 2019


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Everyone looks forward to the holiday activities and picnics at the pool or the beach. This means that besides getting hydrated, eating healthy and moisturizing and protecting with sun screen you also need to take vitamins.

Vitamins will help your muscles get lean, toned revitalized, and energized as they play a huge role in building and developing muscle. At the same time they help rev up your metabolism and convert food into energy.



Here are some vitamins which will help ensure your muscles get all the support they need and help you get beach body ready to plunge into summer.


Vitamin B Complex


All the B vitamins, especially B2, or Riboflavin, B7 or Biotin, and B12 play a crucial role in metabolizing and converting food ( proteins, carbs and fat) into energy.


Vitamin B also supports antioxidants within the body to deal with the oxidative stress caused by exercising. B vitamins help the nerve and muscle function by aiding communication between the brain and the muscles which is essential for muscle coordination and growth. Vitamin B also helps support hemoglobin which carries oxygen to all the cells and is essential for the production of energy.


Vitamin C


Vitamin C helps in supporting metabolism and gets rid of free radicals and oxidative stress at the same time helps to support the blood vessels which are the conduit to making sure that the muscles get a constant oxygenated blood supply.

Vitamin C also plays a part in collagen and elastic synthesis.  Collagen is the main protein in our bodies and is found in muscles and connective tissue.  This is vital for our muscles and skin to maintain its elasticity.


Vitamin D


Vitamin D enables our bodies to absorb phosphorous which is critical for the production of energy.

Vitamin D also helps our bodies to absorb calcium which is crucial for our bone health and helps in contracting our muscles and at the same time produce energy. Calcium is necessary as it helps the body to store fat and a lack of Vitamin D will hinder the absorption of calcium.




Magnesium plays a major role in the overall health of your muscles. Magnesium helps the muscles contract and is used to aid muscle cramps and muscle recovery. Magnesium helps to boost your energy levels too.





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