Relaxation Techniques For Stress & Anxiety...

April 11, 2019



Stress and anxiety are a natural by-product of our fast paced daily lives. I am sure there is no one who is immune to this at some point in their lives.


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Stress contributes to various emotional and physical disorders and wrecks havoc on the mind and body, like depression, obesity, hypertension, strokes, heart-attacks, to name just a few.



Some common symptoms to watch out for are:


Headaches, neck and back pain.


Rapid heart rate and anxiety attacks

Feeling overwhelmed and difficulty in quieting the mind.

Poor concentration and forgetfulness.

Constant low energy and fatigue.


Use some of these relaxation techniques at the first signs of stress to avoid long term repercussions.


Try and eliminate artificial stress reducers which only temporarily alleviate our symptoms without actually working on them, like alcohol and cigarettes. Curtail caffeinated drinks as much as you can, which include, soda’s tea or coffee.


Exercise however you feel comfortable, be it walking, the gym, swimming and do it regularly. While exercising, try and keep your mind blank of all the problems.  This is your time to relax so don’t let anything or anyone interfere in this “me time”.


Recharge yourself by having time for yourself.  Put yourself on the priority list…That’s not being selfish…If you cannot take care of yourself first, how will you be able to help others? You cannot pour from an empty glass.



Be outdoors as much as possible. Sunshine is a natural “feel good” enhancer and any activity will do you good.


In the same manner, saying “No” to people is okay occasionally.  Often we feel that we have to say “yes” to everyone who asks us for help.


Eat a well-balanced diet of fruits and vegetables as well as moderate amounts of protein and some low fat products.  Reduce the consumption of processed and canned foods.  In fact just the very act of cooking (with or without family) is a great stress reducer.


Think positive.  For every negative thought, counter it with a positive thought.  Keep counting your blessings.





Some psychologists recommend becoming a child again…by doing things you liked to do as a kid. You could draw, color, sit on a swing, play with play-dough. We all have a little kid in us and it’s a great idea to let that kid out and play from time to time.  Today, there are lots of coloring clubs for adults for this very purpose.


Pamper yourself with whatever takes your fantasy…Book a massage, go for aromatherapy, or use essential oils to deeply relax you.


Good sleep is essential, so make sure you go to bed at the same time every day and wake up at the same time. Avoid arguments, or stimulating video games before going to sleep.  Using a few drips of essential oils on your pillow will relax you.


Take deep breaths and count to ten whenever you are facing an unpleasant situation. Taking a pause has a calming effect. 


You could also practice deep breathing exercises. Think of your stomach like a balloon and inhale slow and steady until you feel the “balloon” inflate.  Then as you exhale, think of a relaxing word, like ‘calm’, and let that deep though permeate through your entire body from tip to toe and let that stress and anxiety be released through your feet.


Some people like to meditate.  Today mindfulness meditation has gained momentum and it not only relaxes but it grounds people.  It helps you to be in the present or the “NOW”.


It is very important to laugh, as laughter stimulates organs, releases endorphins and eases tension simultaneously and this lasts for a while.  So… Read jokes, listen to stand ups, meet with a very joyful and humorous friend or family.


All these should help you have a positive outlook on life and soon what over whelmed you will be just a tiny inconvenience to you.


You will be a happier more joyful, healthier and energetic you, ready to tackle whatever obstacles come your way.




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