Do You Know Why All the B Vitamins Are So Essential For Our Health?

June 25, 2019

Knowing about the different B vitamins and how each has a different purpose will help you to understand this complex, B Complex…(pun intended)





Vitamin B Infusions Helps Fight Mild Ailments To Serious Conditions. If you have a vitamin B deficiency you are at risk for lots of problems from just tiredness and chronic fatigue or muscle cramps to more serious conditions like anemia or depression and other nerve problems.


Point Infusion specializes in these to help their patients not only with physical vitality but helps in reducing “Brain Fog” and thus boosting alertness and focus.


Vitamin B Complex not only helps promote the growth of new cells in your body but also contributes to regulating chemical reactions as well.


Vitamin B1 & B2 help enzymes to work on the heart, the muscles and the nerves. They are also known as thiamine and riboflavin.


Vitamin B3 helps to maintain the health of your nervous system, your digestive system and your skin glowing. Also known as niacin.


Vitamin B5 helps in development and growth spurts. Also known as pantothenic acid.


Vitamin B7 helps your body to keep your nervous system, your immune system and your red blood cells functioning at high capacity and also helps to break down protein in your body.


Vitamin B9 helps the body produce red blood cells and maintains DNA. It also is more popularly known as folic acid or folate and is especially important during pregnancy.


Vitamin B12 helps your nervous system to function well, again produces red blood cells and ensures that your body is using folic acid and carbohydrates effectively. At times, getting sufficient B12 through dietary means or through supplements is difficult,


Try Point Infusion which has specially concocted infusions to boost your health through their Vitamin infusions.

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