I am so thankful to Ketamine...

August 21, 2018






"I am so thankful that ketamine stopped my depression.


I used to go around having the same negative and hopeless thoughts over and over again and constantly feel that I was worthless and that no one really likes me.


I felt I did not deserve to be happy...although I have a very loving family who thankfully stood by me and helped me fight this with the help of Pointketamin.


I learned that this is known as rumination and that if this vicious cycle is not stopped then it spirals totally out of control.

Being treated with ketamine allowed me to sojourn into a different psychological reality and this little "holiday", from the daily grind of pessimist thoughts, was a welcome relief and I have to thank the wonderful doctors and staff at Pointketamine who helped me to get out of this vicious cycle.  


Today, I talk to some of the staff at PointKetamine and just update them on my life cause I have made some good encouraging friends out there."


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