Hope For The Desperate….Ketamine Does What No Other Drug Can!

August 28, 2018



Pointketamine.com is one of the new enterprises leading the charge to a better tomorrow!


Hundreds of clinics and surgery centers have started to offer ketamine to their patients with depression.  A study done on the providers in Canada and USA show that more than 3000 patients have been successfully treated in the last couple of years.


Pointketamin has been instrumental in getting a lot of families back on track by helping depressed family members to get back to leading normal, healthy lives.


Research shows that ketamine can do what no other drug can do…It helps patients (even those that have suicidal depression) within a matter of 24 hours.  This is in patients who have not been helped or have responded well to other treatments.


Ketamine's potential as an antidepressant was discovered over 10 years ago. Today there is compelling evidence through studies done by the task force of the American Psychiatric Association that ketamine infusions are not only quick but very robust too! 


Providers know a great deal about the short term effects of ketamine due to the fact that it has been used as an anesthetic for years, however the long term effects of using ketamine for years has not been totally researched and it is an ongoing study.


Ketamine acts on neurotransmitters called glutamate and ketamines success has all pharma companies extremely excited about creating a whole new variety of drugs to combat depression.


A very promising entrant also considered as a breakthrough therapy is a chemical sibling of ketamine which is known as esketamine which is in the final phase of testing before the Food & Drug Administration.


This phase is right now one of the most interesting and exciting in terms of development of therapeutic drugs since the last 50 years. 






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