Beat the Winter Cold with These Remedies

January 4, 2019

Centuries old home remedies and natural health tips should help you ward off the cold this Winter. If you feel the sniffles coming on, try some of these natural remedies to ward off the cold.


Another quick alternative is to get a flu shot.  Point Infusion has some excellent cold antidotes and flu shots and they have locations all over LA and would also swing by your home.






Having lots of citrus based fluids helps you to add Vitamin C to your intake which in turn is extremely beneficial for colds.  Exposure to the sun for even 20 minutes a day will help boost your Vitamin D levels.  This not only helps to prevent flu but also helps to regulate our immune system.




Winter germs hate garlic.  In the late 1500's the popular remedy was to apply a poultice of onion and garlic to the throat.  Luckily we have evolved to adding garlic to our meals or even in pill form. Garlic has anti-viral, and anti-bacterial properties and helps to knock out the cold.




Did you know that hot toddies date back to the 1700's?  They are traditionally made with honey, a few spices and spirits.  You could try a hot toddy made with honey, lemon, brandy and hot water.  Honey helps to soothe your throat, while the lemon gives you much needed vitamin C to combat the cold and the brandy helps you to sleep.




Who has not heard of the age old remedy of grandma's chicken soup? Did you know, even the ancient Greek physicians used to advise this?  The broth is made from left over vegetables and bones and meat from poultry.  Bone stock is always packed with vitamins, minerals, gelatin and collagen. Just add a pinch of ginger to speed up metabolism and a pinch of chillie as a natural decongestant.




A terrific way to prevent the flu is to add some of these spices to your diet.


Cinnamon: Cinnamon is a terrific anti-oxidant and helps the flow of oxygen and blood to the digestive tract.  Cinnamon also helps to digest food and is best eaten as a paste mixed with a little honey.


Nutmeg:  Just a sprinkling of nutmeg added to hot milk and voila, you have the perfect anti-mirobial drink. You can sprinkle it in soups and any dish to enhance the flavor and get the most out of this spice.


Sage: It is extremely useful in soothing sore throats when you gargle with it. Using fresh sage is more beneficial than using the dry variety. Sage is also used in foods to enhance the flavor.  Just add to hot water and make a delicious tea with it.


So, instead of popping pills, try some of these remedies and your body, mind and soul will thank you for it!




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